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We pride ourselves in creating successful business partnerships with big and small businesses in order to provide our customers the best service possible. If you wish to join


If you are interested to be part of our line of services please contact us through the web form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We aim to gather partners of various services and products in order to provide our customers with multiple options thus reducing the time for them to visit various vendors. If we believe in your service or product then you can be one of their options. See below the partnership categories available at the moment.

Website - Web Application Services - Branding

Are you a web developer, graphics designer , reseller, marketer and wish to join our partnership program please have a portfolio ready for review. Business terms will be available once your work has been verified.

Product Sales through eShops

We are developing a small eshop which would give the opportunity of your business to sell their products online without worrying on the techincal aspect. You just enter your product and watch your orders been placed.

ERP Consulting

With over 8 of experience in multiple projects from big to small our team of experts can provide any solution either Out of the Box or Custom fit to the clients needs. If you are interested in providing your services to our customers you are welcome to contact us.

IT Product Sales

Our business associates promote their products through our eShop but also are available to provide the latest and most reliable equipment. If you think you can provide this service with high quality then you can take advantage of the partnership program.

Our Partners

Talent Team Consulting Oracle Partners Consulting Services
Talent Team Consulting